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Save the future. Today.

Operation Tuxedo


2481 Commerce Blvd Unit B

Year: 2024 / Location: New York City

In the not so distant future, technology was developed that allowed penguins to speak. We quickly learned that they were far more intelligent than we realized. 

A German penguin at Central Park Zoo called Klaus sneakily organized an uprising among his fellow zoo occupants. Thankfully, one of his own (Eddie) turned on him and made us aware of Klaus' plot to enslave humanity and gave us the location of Klaus' secret evil lair. 

Working with Eddie as a helper, your TCO team must infiltrate the lair and steal the computer virus that will allow Klaus to take over human broadcasting signals and enslave us all. 

The time gate will only stay open for one hour so time is of the essence.

Difficulty: Intermediate



2481 Commerce Blvd Unit B

Year: 2033 / Location: Theoretically, Everywhere


10 years from now, an intrepid virus will hit the world in a devastating fashion. Luckily, there is a new Artificial Lifeform that had the ability to cure the virus with shocking efficiency. Can your team bring Black Swan Online in time?

You have 60 minutes to find out

Difficulty: Intermediate-Difficult

Our Games: Rooms
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